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Advice, planning and compliance for individuals, funds, trusts and corporations, including US expansion, affected by the complex and challenging US tax system, wherever they may be in the world.

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Welcome to USTAXFS

As fiercely independent as when we were established over 35 years ago, and with offices in London, Zurich, Geneva, and the Nordics, we do US tax advice, compliance and planning better. By investing in specialist talent and empowering our professional staff, 我们的美国和美国/英国税务会计师和美国律师团队为您提供值得信赖的世界级服务. Delivering consistently high-quality, compliant filing and planning decisions, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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Private Client & Individual
US and UK Tax Services

By law all US persons must file annual income tax returns and required informational returns, to report worldwide income, capital gains and non-US assets, no matter where they live. This can be complicated and daunting, therefore, our Private Client Group has in-depth experience and current knowledge in all aspects of US tax, including tax return preparation, compliance and planning. Find Out More

As cross-border financial planning and international tax issues are complicated, 我们的私人客户团队包括美国和英国税务咨询和合规方面的高素质专家,为与美国有联系的个人提供服务, including the complex specialism of US/UK cross-border tax planning. 我们也是GGI全球网络的成员,在全球126个国家拥有专业的税务和法律顾问,以支持复杂的多司法管辖区案件. Find Out More

我们在苏黎世和日内瓦的专业团队专注于美国税务咨询和合规服务的各个方面. Expats ourselves, living and working in Switzerland, we speak multiple languages and have a deep understanding of local documents, regulations and cantonal systems, as well as how to navigate international tax. Find Out More

许多在美国以外居住多年的美国公民发现,在向美国缴纳和报告全球收入的税款越来越困难. For personal or financial reasons, an individual may decide to renounce their US citizenship. Under certain circumstances, the US may then impose an expatriate tax or “US Exit Tax” at the time of expatriation. Find Out More

Trusts, Estates & Family Offices
US-Connected Tax Services

There are many benefits of using a trust, including asset protection and management, generational planning and for income tax and estate tax purposes. However, the US tax treatment of trusts can be complex, 因此,我们专门的美国信托部门提供最新的建议,并确保您避免影响美国对外国收入征税的重大合规问题. Find Out More

US taxpayers often participate in foreign pension plans as these can be useful, tax preferred, investment tools in the jurisdiction where they are a tax resident, but are treated differently in other jurisdictions. Complexities also arise when reporting to the IRS, given the substantial penalties for non-compliance. But we can help you, whether you are a US individual or a pension provider. Find Out More

Transfers during life or at death will have a US Estate and Gift Tax impact. 我们将全面审查您的收入和遗产计划,以了解美国税收的影响,并协助制定终身赠与计划, or appropriate estate structure, to minimize the impact for when the inevitable happens. We also prepare Gift Tax returns and Estate Tax returns for both citizens and non-US residents. Find Out More

Losing someone is never easy without the complication of managing one’s estate. 在这段困难时期,我们可以与您的顾问合作,帮助您把握流程,确保遗产的复杂性和美国税务合规. Find Out More

Funds & Partnerships
US-Connected Tax Services

有美国投资者和/或美国投资的投资基金有广泛的美国报告要求. To navigate the extremely complex US tax system, our dedicated team of highly experienced, 专注于基金的美国税务专业人士为基金生命周期的每个阶段提供定制服务. This includes structuring, advice on including US investors, US tax compliance and support for a clean exit.  We specialise in K-1, K-2 and K-3 reporting for investors, CFCs (Controlled Foreign Corporation), along with PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Corporation) testing. Find Out More

Partnerships, both domestic and foreign, have distinct tax treatment compared to corporations. They submit annual information returns but do not pay income tax themselves. Instead, they distribute profits or losses to partners (individuals, corporations, trusts) using K-1 forms. Limited Partnerships, common in Private Equity and Venture Capital, fall under this category. Foreign partnerships with US operations typically file US partnership income returns, 非美国合伙人可能需要提交美国非居民所得税申报表(个人)或外国公司美国所得税申报表(公司). 即使没有美国业务,与美国合作伙伴的非美国伙伴关系也可能面临复杂的美国报告要求. Find Out More

无论是美国的合伙企业还是外国的合伙企业,都必须指定一名合伙企业代表,作为所有纳税年度与美国国税局的直接联系人. 我们很好地成为一个值得信赖的和知识渊博的合伙人代表有限合伙人, general partners and limited liability companies. Find Out More

Corporations, US Expansion & FATCA

Corporations have different tax treatment from other business entities such as Partnerships.  As an integrated firm of cross-border tax lawyers and accountants, 我们与许多类型的与美国有联系的公司实体合作,在费用方面是四大的一个有吸引力的选择, experience and proven history of working in multiple jurisdictions. We support corporations in an advisory capacity and through our suite of US compliance services. Find Out More

The US remains a focal market for companies looking to expand and scale their business, particularly with US-based investment, but the regulations and set-up can be daunting. Our specialist US Expansion team advises businesses on how to set up in the US, including on a Federal and State level. We have established relationships within US immigration firms, commercial law, fund raising, 销售税和各种政府机构,包括选择美国(美国政府的商业部门)和英国商业和贸易部. Find Out More

《澳门官方老葡京》(FATCA)是一项美国联邦法律,旨在打击那些可能隐藏海外账户资产的美国人. When the relevant financial institutions identify their US customers in accordance with FATCA, they must report them to the IRS.  If a taxpayer’s US tax returns or information reports have not been filed, or incorrectly filed, the US taxpayer could be subject to civil penalties and possible criminal charges, and the bank may be fined. We can help you bring your filing up to date and compliant. Find Out More

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